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Most pet owners are primarily concerned with one thing, making sure that their pets are as comfortable as possible. This means offering them the best in terms of food, shelter, and medication. One way that you can go about this is with a dog house. These are houses made specifically for dogs to ensure that they are still properly protected even if they don’t spend time in the comfort of their owner’s homes. They are however a little costly and this makes it quite a hustle to acquire one of good quality at a bargain price. For those with little to no carpentry know-how, they are practically impossible to build on your own. So, why should you spend a pretty penny on a dog house? This is exactly what we hope to educate you on.

Why Should You Get A Dog House?

To most, this always seems like an unnecessary expenditure. However, if you are not intending to take the time to house train your dog so that you can have him indoors, this is a necessary expense. If your dog is to spend a large fraction of the time exploring and living in the outdoors, then a dog house is the only thing that can provide the much-needed shelter and protection for the elements. Also, if your dog will be spending more time outdoors than indoors, then you definitely need to provide them with a dog house.

Just like people, there gets to a point when the outdoors becomes a little too much. This is why even the animals of the wild have nests and caves to live in. our dogs are sensitive to heat and cold, even if they are species adept at surviving in the great outdoors. The dog house comes in handy whenever we touch on the issues of extreme cold or heat. This is the season of winter and the season of summer. Prolonged exposure of your dog to the elements without protection will adversely affect their health. Heat exhaustion is the one condition that most dogs are prone to succumb to, hence the need for a house.

In states like Texas, this is an issue that is given a lot of attention. Even though your dog gets more fresh air outdoors, the effects of temperature cannot simply be ignored or assumed. Heat exhaustion has been known to kill pets in no time, especially dogs. If you own an outdoor dog, then it is always recommended that you provide them with a doghouse that is not only shady but also well ventilated. The house should also never lack adequate water at all time. This will enable the dog to both cool down and stay hydrated.

The dog house also proves helpful when it comes to keeping the dog safe during instances of severe cold, wind, and rain. All of these can negate the well-being of your dog and cause health problems if you are not around all the time, then the dog house offers a refuge for when you close your door and go away. It is their home outside home.

What Considerations Should Guide my Choice of a Dog House?

Choosing a good dog house is rather simple as there are only a few things that you need to put into consideration to ensure that you end up with the best possible house for your dog. These are

Size – For any house to be considered adequate, it needs to be big enough for your dog not only to enter into but also to turn around. This will ensure that there is enough room to sit around and even sleep in comfort. It should however not be too large that the dog loses its heat as it sleeps. What you need to aim for is something that is cozy.

Materials – When it comes to material, wood works best. There are houses that are made of metal and plastic but these are affected by heat and cold weather. You should also add some holes to the house to improve the ventilation to help during all seasons.

Elevation – A good doghouse needs to be slightly raised above the ground. It should just be high enough so that the dog can get in without hustles. This should help with the snow, mud or rain.

Dog houses with sloped roofs serve well than those with flat roofs as they don’t collect debris, snow or rainwater. Always remember to locate your dog house in an area that has maximum shading and enough coolness. This will come in handy during those hot summer days.

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