What To Know About Adopting A Dog


Are you thinking of adopting a dog? Don’t know where to start? Then there are the things that you should put into consideration when it comes to Dog Adoption. These will guide you and ensure that you get a worthy animal that will meet your emotional and visual needs.

  1. Black is fashionable

When it comes to adopting, people always go for the sparkly coloured dogs and avoid the predominantly black ones. Yes, the flashy coloured ones may be pleasing to look at, but dog selection needs to come from the heart. You need to choose the dog that makes your heart skip a beat. Dog adoption needs to be governed by emotion and this means that you will have to look at all the options available, even the black ones. Also, keep in mind the fact that a black dog will always match with all of your outfits.

  1. Test Walk Your Options

Though the comparison is less than ideal, it is the best one for making this point. When you go to buy a car, you are allowed to test out one or two of them before making the final decision. Dog Adoption is the same exact thing. You may not instantly settle on one choice, so, why not take all the dogs that you like for a 3-minute walk? This will help you see which dog best suits you and can make your choice easier.

  1. Be Realistic

Dogs are a lot of work, they also come with a lot of demands. So, before Dog Adoption, it is best to sit down with your family and talk out a few things. Understand the sort of dog that you need by looking at your schedules, medical histories, and financial standing. If you find the decision making hard, then consult a professional so that once you walk into a rescue or adoption centre, then you know exactly what you are looking for. This will keep your expectations and needs centred and ensure that you get a pet that you deserve and one that deserves you back as well.

  1. Energy Is Everything

You and your family run on a certain energy spectrum. For the dog to be suitable for the environment, then you need to ensure that it falls somewhere within this energy spectrum. Energy is very important when it comes to your choice of dog. If you are a chill person, then an energetic dog will not fare well in your company. On the other hand, if you are a very active person, then a dog that just prefers a good nap over playtime will definitely be uncomfortable in your care. The dog needs to share the same or slightly less energy than you. Once you match on energy compatibility, then the rest should easily fall into place.

  1. Hands Off, Eyes Down

Dog Adoption is a tricky business, what you want to do is get a dog that accepts you, not one that feels like it is obligated to. For this to occur, you need to avoid two things, prolonged eye contact and repeated touch. Once you spot a dog that you like, do not touch them or be overly affectionate. Play coy, ignore them a little bit. Let them get used to your presence first then approach you of their own accord. This will be a very important first step in bonding. Once this is done, then the petting and intense staring can commence.

  1. It Always Comes Down To the Wait

Dog Adoption is not a “what you see is what you get” venture. At the shelter or adoption centre, most dogs are usually sad and lonely. Some have been rescued from the homes of dead owners and others have come for less than conducive environments. This means that they are not at their usual behaviour.  So, what you see the dog as isn’t what it will be all its life. What you need to do is be patient. Once an adopted dog settles in the home, then it will be free and can display its true colours for all to see. There are also dogs that get very stressed at the shelter, this leads to a very aggressive nature coming out. If your gut feels like the dog is the best one for you, then just adopt it. You can resort to taming it later on or it will simply just come down after a good meal and a warm bed in a loving home.

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