Easiest Dogs To Train for Family Pet


The Best Dogs for Family Pets

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Depending on the breed of the dog, the training can be harder or easier. Do your research before you choose your new family pet, in order to find one of the easiest dogs to train. You will come across a number of breeds that are very stubborn when it comes to training and it can be challenging unless you have professional training experience. The easiest dogs to train include golden retrievers, labs, beagles, collies, bull terriers, Irish setters and poodles, just to name a few. For the most part, these dogs are easy to train based on their level of intelligence, loyalty, and a minimum amount of aggressiveness. Keep in mind that for all breeds, training can be a challenge and consistency and socialization will be very important to training success.

Easiest Dogs to Train: Gentle, Loyal and Packed with Energy

The beagle has a great reputation for being man’s best friend. They’re considered somewhat high maintenance when it comes to grooming needs, but they make an ideal family dog. Loyal and very energetic, a beagle is also very kid-friendly and protective. Keep in mind that beagles are known for their howling and they need an active home life in order to thrive.

A border collie is another breed of dog that needs an active home life in order to prevent boredom and depression. As an owner, it’s your responsibility to research the traits and needs of a dog, before you decide to take one home. The border collie needs to be walked at least once a day, it also needs plenty of human interaction and affection. These dogs do well with agility training and have a natural desire to herd. For these dogs, mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise. Left alone for long periods of time these dogs may try to escape or they can become destructive.

The standard poodle is one beautiful dog, but they also make great additions to any family. While their grooming needs can be considered high maintenance, these animals are gentle, loyal and highly intelligent. They do well with children and are considered very good-natured. They love human interaction and thrive most when made part of a family.

Retrievers as the Family dog of Choice

The lab is one of the most popular family dogs around. They’re great runners, love to be walked are loyal, intelligent and happy to be with their human. These animals have a desire to please their family and enjoy learning new tricks almost as much as going on a walk. Very affectionate, gentle and downright kind, the lab makes an ideal addition to any family.

Golden retrievers, much like labs, are highly intelligent and they love to be loved by you. They have an impressive amount of patience, which makes them a good choice if you have small children. They are high energy and enjoy going for a walk or run and they also like playtime in the water. Because of their gentle nature these dogs are often chosen as service animals.

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