Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Training


Dog Training is one of the most stressful things for pet owners, especially those that have new puppies. However if you know what to look for and how to take advantage of Mother Nature, this will get a whole lot easier. It does not have to be stressful for either you or your pup. If your pup is born with his mother around, then she should be helpful. She will enable them to understand the basics of relieving themselves outside their den. Also, most puppies are governed by an easily predictable natural clock. After eating, they usually have to go about after 30 minutes later or so. When you observe this schedule, then you can properly house train your dog.

Safety is Key

The most important thing whenever house training is involved in safety. You need to ensure that your puppy feels safe in the designated place for doing its business. Dog training is only effective if the dog isn’t afraid to stick with the allocated location. Once you find such a spot, first train your dog to urinate there a couple of times. The scent will attract them back there whenever they need to do their business.


The energy that you give out is the same that you will receive in return. When you are dog training, you should always observe the energy that you are releasing on your dog. If you rush it or are too pushy or even nervous, then the dog will definitely sense this and give back in kind. This will make the puppy stressed out and it will not go. Something else that you should not do is to use a high pitched voice when urging your dog on. This is more distracting than helpful and will have the exact opposite effect.

The Routine Dictates the Flow

For a pup, dog training is all about the routine that you create. Once you give them a system, they will follow it faithfully. Every morning when you wake up, take your puppy to their designated spot and stay there with him till he does his business. Remember to be consistent until you get to that point in time when the puppy can do this on their own. Every time that the puppy manages to go, a treat and a word of congratulation should follow. This doesn’t have to be something too extravagant, simplicity is key.

Utilize the Power of Positivity

Punishment should never be anywhere is your dog training regimen. It is a very slippery slope once a negative emotion or feeling is attached to the natural bodily functions of your pup. Everything should be maintained on the positive side of the trucks. If there is a mess, urge them on towards the right course of action, do not reprimand them for the wrong one. If you walk in on your pup doing its business in the wrong place, calmly carry them to the right place and urge them on. This will allow them to learn faster. Always remember that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Never Be Reluctant To Clean Up

Everything about dog training happens on a curve. This means that you should always be prepared for mishaps and accidents along the way. Just because today was a success doesn’t mean that tomorrow will be as well. So, whenever you stumble upon a mishap, never leave it unattended. Clean the spot up to the best of your ability and eliminate all the scent. This will ensure that your dog is not confused as to where he should do his business the smell attracts them back to a certain location. Ensuring that only one place has that smell is the key to a successful house training.

Plan for Your Absence

If you have been house training your dog for less than six months and he is not comfortable enough with the routine to go on his own, then you should never leave him to his own devices. If you are going to be away from the home for a while, then you need to leave someone in charge of your dog. It needs to be someone that is responsible enough to look after your pet and maintain your dog training routines.

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