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Most pet owners are always asking us how they can be part of their dog’s fitness. Other than walking the dog, there isn’t a whole lot that they actually know what to do in order to be actively involved in getting themselves fit while improving Dog Fitness as well. Worry no more, we have found the best activities that you and your dog can pair in to lose those extra pounds and get ready for summer.

  1. The Tug-of-War

Always remember that when it comes to Dog Fitness, old school is the best school. One good way that you and your dog can get fit together while you enjoy each other’s company is with the good old tug-of-war. All you need is a rag or an old piece of clothing. Most of the time tag of war kicks off spontaneously between you and your dog, especially over a sock. You can however also initialize it. Doing this for a period of 5-10 minutes should help both you and your dog to burn off those extra calories.

To get the most out of this exercise, do it in a crouching position to avoid straining your back or twisting something. This is however not the best game for dogs that are naturally aggressive or overly possessive as they may resort to biting you in order to gain control of the item you are playing over.

  1. Doga

Yes, you read that right. Doga is a form of yoga that involves dogs and their owners. But, considering there is yoga that utilizes baby goats, this isn’t much of a stretch to picture. In doga, dog fitness is achieved through poses for the owner that the dog can join in occasionally. This form of yoga helps a lot with flexibility and also proves helpful when it comes to muscle toning.  You can actually take a journey of self-discovery with your dog by your side. A little warm-up is never a bad idea.

  1. The Frisbee

For those slightly lazy days that you want to only walk around, the frisbee is a good way to get some Dog Fitness taken care of. This will allow your dog to get a lot f exercise done while you lazy around and simply throw the Frisbee from time to time. This helps the dog get some much-needed cardio exercises. You can switch it out with a stick from time to time and turn on the sprinklers on the hot days.

  1. Jogging

Forget about walking, that just a layman’s excuse for Dog Fitness. Take a 5-minute jog with your dog. This is best done either early in the morning or in the evening. Jogging up a steep terrain should help do the trick. However, if jogging is not your thing, then it is best that you switch it out with a few walks a day. Two to three short walks are better suited to help with your health and that of your dog than one long one. The point is to get the heart pumping and increase the metabolism without tiring yourself out. Or overworking the dog. It is also not bad to combine the two. You can begin with a two-minute jog then bridge into a 5-minute stroll before retiring back to the comfort of your couch.

  1. Camping

The fresh air and exposure to nature have a massive effect on the health of your dog. A good way to get dog-fitness is to go out camping. This is not only fun for you and your dog, it is also an excellent opportunity to exercise. When camping in the wild, the dog will be more active and energized. The dog finds an excellent collection of things to sniff and pee on. This helps the dog gets a lot of exercise in a fun enjoyable way.

  1. Change the Diet

Dog Fitness can only be attained if the diet that the dog is keeping is healthy. Other than just junk and treats, it is good to offer your dog a healthy diet that is all-natural and full of meat. This is very nutritious for the dog and will provide him with the energy needed to conduct the exercise activities. As the pet owner, you can also attempt to make your diet healthier by cutting down on your intake of junk and opting for a more balanced diet.

Always remember to de-worm your dog on a regular. Dogs are highly prone to intestinal worms as they inject a variety of things when they go out to explore nature. The time between July and September is usually the high season for the hookworm and as such, you should ensure that your dog is given deworming medication by the vet at least once every three months. This will enable your dog to keep a healthy digestive tract.

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