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Nobody likes a rugged-looking dog for a pet. Whet owners want is a dog that looks neat and presentable and makes everyone go Aww! This can only be achieved through proper Dog Grooming. An expert will do an excellent job for you in an hour or so while you sit on a chair and read a magazine or flick through your phone. This is however not financially possible on a regular basis. So, if you want to glam up your dog at no cost from the comfort of your home, here are the things that you can do to achieve the desired result.

Untangling the fur

The first step in getting your pet looking awesome is to take care of the fur. If you have a dog whose fur gets tangled, then the best solution for you is baby powder. All you need to do is sprinkle it all over your pet’s fur. Once you have evenly spread the powder over the fur, you can proceed to gently comb it as this will help untangle it faster. An added advantage is the fact that the dog will smell pretty good as well.

Use the Right Combs

Most people make a mistake when it comes to dealing with dogs that have long hair. Most dog combs, no matter how luxurious, hurt dogs with long fur. It thus becomes difficult to deal with dogs like the Schnauzers or the Shih Tzu as they have quite a lot of facial hair as well. A good way around this is through the use of a flea brush. This brush makes it easier for you to deal with the facial hair without causing your dog discomfort. It is also helpful if the hair in question is tangled together.

Use the Right Brushes

When you want your dog’s cat to get the luscious look and the silky feel after some good Dog Grooming, it is always advisable that you go with the right brush. Each coat has its own needs and tending to these needs is the secret to awesome grooming.

  • If your dog has short hair, then the curry comb or the Furimantor comb which is shortly toothed should suffice. The curry comb is also quite beneficial when giving the dog a bath.
  • For the dogs with medium-length fur that also have an undercoat, it is best to go with a single rake or a double rake brush. These brushes should help reach the undercoat and make the more pleasing. You can also opt for a dematting
  • If your dog has long hair, you can opt for a double rake, a slicker comb or a straight comb. These can also prove helpful if your dog has an undercoat.
  • For the lucky few that own a doodle, a pin brush is the best alternative. You can also try a straight comb.
  • If your dog is wire-haired then you need a slick brush or a flea comb that is wide-toothed.

Trim on The Regular

Remember to trim the hair between the paws of your dog. This will make it easier to wipe the after a playdate. It also makes it harder for things to get stuck in there. Additionally, it increases the traction of your dogs.

Paws should also be trimmed on the regular. Every three or four weeks. You should ensure that the tails on the paws of your dog never touch the ground.

Shampoo and Conditioner

To get the best look, always use dog products. This is what separates a professional wash from a home wash. If you use human products, then the fur will not display its full volume and colour.  Also, as the dog sometimes drinks the water during Dog Grooming, it is advisable to avoid human products as they are poisonous to the dog and will damage its health. For a good result with a long-lasting effect, a natural conditioner and shampoo will go a long way. It is also good to have a chat with your vet so that you can know which products your dog is allergic to and which ones are safe to use on their fur. This will prevent excessive shedding and patches on the fur.

At the end of it all, always remember to clean all your pet grooming equipment. You also need to disinfect them to ensure that they are infection-free. This will ensure that your dogs don’t get an infection from their equipment.

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