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Pitbull training is necessary in order to provide your bully with the structure and discipline that’s needed for a happy and healthy dog. These dogs are highly trainable, loyal, affectionate and downright loveable. The pit bull can make a great addition to any family, however, if you have decided to adopt a pit bull that is over six months of age, and you have another dog in the home, it’s highly recommended that these dogs meet, prior to adoption.

Pit Bull Training: What is Dog Aggression?

pitbull dog training

Many people will adopt a bully for the wrong reasons or they do not have much information on the breed and the traits these dogs possess. Unfortunately, a large percentage of bully owners fail to properly socialize these dogs when they’re still pups and this can lead to a number of behavioural problems include dog and animal aggression. These animals have a bad rep for attacking and biting people, but the truth is, these biting incidents are not as common as you think and these dogs are not accountable for this type of behaviour, their owners are.  A good pitbull training program will focus a lot on animal socialization. This means that your dog will learn how to properly interact with people and other animals.

A pit bull that is isolated and has no contact with other dogs or small animals may attempt to kill, fight or bite any animal that enters their yard or home. Very instinctively territorial, a bully will do what it takes to protect its home for intruders. This does not include humans. The pit bull is loving and friendly to a fault towards humans, so they will require additional strict pitbull training if you’re looking for a guard dog.

Socializing your pup will allow you to take them in an environment where other animals are present, without the worry that your dog will attempt to fight. If you have ever had a pit bull who has not been socialized and you have brought them around another dog, then you understand exactly the dangers this situation poses.

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Character Traits for the Pit Bull

These animals may be large, weighing in at fifty to sixty-five pounds, but they’re not aware of their large size and tend to act like lapdogs, literally. These friendly, goofy dogs aim to please their owners and family members and are considered one of the best types of family dogs around. Most people will mistake this breed as people aggressive, but this is simply not true. The Chihuahua, while small, is more likely to bite a human that enters their territory or home, than the pit bull. Unfortunately, this is not widely known and never makes the papers.

While intimidating in appearance, the pit bull is a total lover and individuals who experience these dogs for the first time will most likely become smitten and fascinated by these powerful animals, that act more like oversized puppies than fighting machines.

Structure and consistency is such an important part of pit bull training. A bored pit bull can be a handful. When bored and left alone for long periods of time the pit bull can become depressed and anxious, often developing separation anxiety. If you fail to spend time with your pup, behavioural problems will develop. Digging is very common with these animals, so is chewing furniture, escaping the yard, and hyperactivity. This type of bully is high energy. They will thrive in an active home. This means taking your pitbull for a walk at least once a day. Running is also an excellent option. The idea is to burn up as much energy as possible. They need both physical and mental exercise. Incredibly smart, the pit bull loves to learn tricks and will pick them up fairly quickly. A tired pit bull is a happy pit bull.

Keeping Your Bully Healthy Through Exercise and Human Interaction

Aside from proper socialization, basic obedience pit bull trainingwill teach your dog commands such as come, stay, down and sit. It will also teach your pup that you’re the pack leader, which means that your dog will learn to both trust and respect you, willing to follow your every command. Potty training techniques, leash training and crate training will also be part of the program. Because these dogs have such a bad reputation in the media, it’s more important than ever that responsible owners provide their pit bull with the type of training that can make them examples of what wonderful animals they really are.

These animals are very adaptable and can do well in urban living, as long as they get enough food, supplement and exercise or any type of outlet for their energy. Many of these dogs are couch potatoes, but they can be very hyper until they reach maturity. Maturity will usually occur at two to three years of age. These dogs will remain playful for most of their life and with the right training they can make a good addition to any family.

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