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Dog Guest Post - Write for us

Want to submit a guest post to thedoghows? Cool! Instructions/guidelines below, please read these before submitting – submission instructions are at the end.


Guests posts need to be legitimately related to Dog in some way.

In other words, please don’t submit a post which would be a completely alien topic for thedoghows and try to shoe-horn in some link to dogs.

Just ask yourself, “would thedoghows readers be interested in this post?”, if the answer is “Yes, definitely”, then great, submit it 🙂 – if the answer is, “hmm, probably not”, then please try to find a more suitable blog to submit your guest post.

Original Concepts.

Please don’t send the run of the mill ideas that will have been covered many times. Instead, create something different, something unique, that will make the readers eyes light up.


Over 500 words, please.

The majority of thedoghows readers live in the USA, so the content needs to be relevant to the USA market.

Different countries have a different relationship with dogs.

So please ensure that your article is written in UK English, and is relevant for the USA

100% Unique – No Spinning.

In short, I wasn’t born yesterday ;-), I know when an article has been spun, and all guest post submissions are Copyscape checked. All content must be well written and 100% unique.

Reflect the tone of thedoghows.

You’ll notice that thedoghows posts are written very much from the layman’s perspective, because that’s what I am, I love dogs, and OK I’m a qualified Barista now ;-), but I’m no expert Barista champion, I’m just a dog lover who also loves blogging about all things dog related, and the tone of my posts is relaxed, casual, jovial & personable. Please don’t write in a corporate or particularly authoritative manner, as this wouldn’t fit in with the general tone of thedoghows.

Links in the post.

Please include one link to your website.

Please do not submit articles with multiple links to the same website, or to thin content websites or “spammy” websites – all links within guest post content must be to high-quality websites containing information about the specific subject of the post.

Imagery – Include three images:

  • 900 x 450 (variable, but no more than 450 for the post feature image)
  • 735 x 1102 (to share on Pinterest)
  • 900 x 470 (to share on Facebook and Twitter)
  • Images should use the same photo/image but sized according to the above dimensions. The photo should be taken and owned by you – please no stock photography, paid or free. If you include people in your photos, you must include a signed model release. By submitting these photos, you will be giving me permission to use and distribute these photos on thedoghows.com and on social media to promote your guest post. You are also giving me permission to apply text overlays to these photos to further promote your guest post.


Your post will be approved or rejected within 1 week. I will notify you by email. No need to check in with me to make sure I received your email unless you don’t hear from me in more than 2 weeks. I have the right to reject any post for any reason. The more submissions I receive, the pickier I will be on quality.

If your post is accepted:

I will publish the post in 1 to 2 days, and I’ll give you a heads up on timing.

I will add your bio to my contributor’s page (if you wish) where I will link to your website and Twitter or Instagram account (if you’d like).

Please check previous posts.

Please have a look through previous posts and ensure that there isn’t already a post covering the exact same theme, or very similar.

Benefits of Submitting Guest Post….

By sharing your article with us you have the chance to publish and promote your articles and reach the targeted audience to promote your brand in the right the perfect platform.

Regular sharing of high-quality articles gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a pet expert, giving you the credibility you are looking for.

You will get tons of referral traffic through per guest posts. We have a growing audience and you have the chance to get noticed by many pet owners.

You can build a writer portfolio and create a very impressive resume as a writer too.

How to Submit Your Guest Post

Fill in the submission box below and I will get back to you in 24 hours